Quantum Sunrunner

The Sunrunner is a beach-buggy style of car based on the Mk 3 Fiesta and brought in to add to the Quantum portfolio rather than designed in-house. It is rear-engined and rear wheel drive.

quantum napier

The Napier is a new innovative sports racing car from Quantum, styled by Richard Ashby. This exciting new front engine rear wheel drive car is based around a high quality stainless steel monocoque chassis, which was originally designed by Steve Greenwood for the Xtreme. 

quantum extreme

Although unashamedly of  Lotus 7 inspiration, the Xtreme offers refreshing styling and surprising practicality-the lockable boot has the capacity to house all of the weather gear, as well as  a weekend bag!


Welcome to the world of Quantum Sports cars. 

You may be new to hand built British sports cars or you may have already owned one. We hope that on reading this brochure you will see how diverse and individual your car can be whether you build it yourself or leave it to the factory team. It would not be practical to cover everything that is available but we hope that the brochure will give you a taster of the options.  Please do not hesitate to contact us for more specific information.  

We hold a comprehensive stock of parts and they can usually be delivered to you across the UK by next day.   Our workshops are fully equipped to produce complete cars to our customer’s specifications whether they are Quantum models or ones from other manufacturers. We also offer a repair and modifications service for existing cars.   The showroom allows new and existing customers to view some of the choices available to them along with a changing list of previously enjoyed Quantum models.  

 We also offer the opportunity for unaccompanied demonstration drives for eligible drivers. At Quantum we endeavour to supply a straightforward “whole car” package with our “kit in a box” option or “Just add a donor” option.   The Ford models on which the range is mainly based offer in themselves a variety of performance options and we can also provide comprehensive upgrade packages.

Our cars are designed with practicality in mind though not at the expense of style or driver enjoyment.  

The use of fibreglass as a construction material is well suited to low volume production. Standard GRP is much stronger than the same weight of steel but in all Quantum models advantage is taken of the strength aspect rather than aiming for ultimate weight saving, resulting in a very strong and rigid structure. Fibreglass also has very high impact absorption properties, which in practical terms means that in an accident the impact areas will deform but the passenger compartment remains intact, protecting the occupants. The polished self-pigmented gelcoat surface is highly durable, will not rust and eliminates the expense of painting. (although this is available as an additional option).    

Our traditional standard kit supplies you with a showroom finish bodyshell – also included are any ancillary components specifically manufactured by Quantum Sports Cars. Our fully comprehensive package of parts is known as “kit in a box” and includes all parts ready for assembly.  

A construction manual is supplied with each kit.  These have been written to follow the build of your car from start to finish in logical progression, with digital photographs on most pages and some construction tips.          

The IVA test ensures that the safety standards of every low volume produced car are brought in line with those required of mass produced cars.  The testing is extremely stringent giving valuable independent reassurance that no small part has been overlooked.   Without fail, new customers are surprised at the favourable rates of insurance enjoyed as owner of a specialist car.